IAHAD envisions high-quality healthcare for patients with bleeding disorders and a bleed free India.


IAHAD seeks to further its vision through the seven pillars of awareness, advocacy, prevention, diagnosis, therapeutics, rehabilitation and research strategies to provide the highest quality of life for patients with bleeding disorders, considering the pragmatic challenges in India.


  • To evaluate and determine the diagnostic and therapeutic gap in the field of hereditary bleeding disorder management in India and address them.
  • To address the problems of PwH and allied disorders and to protect their interests while maintaining high-quality health care.
  • To unify the haemophilia and other hereditary bleeding disorder management portals across India in order to deliver high-quality patient care.
  • To engage with policy and decision-makers of India and to address the need for dynamic interventions.
  • To interact with all the stakeholders of haemophilia care within and outside the country to further the vision and mission of IAHAD.
  • To disseminate knowledge through scientific channels and educating practitioners, clinical scientists, allied health professionals and the general public in the knowledge of haemophilia and other bleeding disorders and their treatment.
  • To advance research in the field of haemophilia in India.