IAHAD is formed by a core group of bleeding disorders experts in India. In February 2013, the first official meeting of a group of haemophilia treating clinicians, for the group that would subsequently be known as the Indian Haemophilia and Allied Disorders Group (IHADG), was held in Bengaluru. The meeting was held to discuss the burden of haemophilia in India and the barriers in providing adequate healthcare to people with haemophilia (PWH) in the country. This laid the base for all the subsequent meetings since then.

The IHADG initially was governed by a Steering Committee, led by an appointed Chair, and functioned as an independent, non-incorporated body.

In 2019, IAHAD register as a Society under the Karnataka Societies Act 1961. IAHAD as a society envisions high-quality healthcare for patients with bleeding disorders and a bleed free India through the seven pillars of awareness, advocacy, prevention, diagnosis, therapeutics, rehabilitation and research strategies to provide the highest quality of life for patients with bleeding disorders, considering the pragmatic challenges in India.

IAHAD aims to work in collaboration with other medical societies and advocacy organizations working in the field.